Michael Marquand

Earlier this year, Michael Marquand traveled to the remote village of Chaullacocha, Peru to photograph indigenous people who weave products sold globally by the non-governmental organization, Threads of Peru. Michael's striking images of these distant players in the growing, worldwide trend of eco-tourism weave their own tale. Photo essay.

Corrie Hulse

The United Nations doctrine on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is state-centric, there's no doubt about that, but does that mean states are the only viable actors when it comes to protecting civilians from mass atrocities? In this essay, Corrie Hulse argues that when states fail to act on R2P, it is the responsibility of civilians and N.G.O.s to step up and push governments into action.

Ruthie Ackerman

In Half the Sky, the husband-and-wife team of Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn team up to shed light on the plights of many women around the world. Along the way, they offer up stories of courage and success, while also dishing out solutions to help those less fortunate. In this review, Ruthie Ackerman draws on her experiences working with women in Africa, applying doses of reality to the well-intentioned, often sunny outlooks presented by the authors.