Ather Zia

Back in Srinagar after a year, the first thing I noticed was packs of dogs hanging at every nook and cranny. A few dogs ran after us while boarding the car at the airport. The dogs looked well fed and territorial.

Ather Zia

Since 1947, Kashmir has been subjected to three full scale wars between India and Pakistan. The last one occurred as the two nations were poised to become nuclear powers.

Ed Hancox

Six of The Mantle's bloggers tackle the question: what is the one story you are most interested in following in 2011? The answers, like the blogroll, vary in interest, region, and subject matter. Chinese environmentalism, Sudanese independence, and Arundhati Roy's political activism are just three of the topics that have our bloggers excited. Read on to learn more about what's on their radars for 2011.