Humanitarian Aid

Corrie Hulse

Here's the final installment in our joint project, African Revolutions. Corrie Hulse presents a bird's eye view of Chad's tumultuous history, and offers glimpses into the beleaguered country's future.

Anam Khan

In September, northwest Pakistan was devastated by heavy floods. Millions of people fled submerged villages in desperation. Militants based in the region were quick to respond with food, medical aid, and shelter. The overshadowing of the government's own response efforts to the disaster has serious implications, says Anam Khan.

Corrie Hulse

Sitting down to write this inaugural post has proven to be quite the task for me this week. With so many intriguing topics to be discussed, where exactly does one begin?

Corrie Hulse

The United Nations doctrine on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is state-centric, there's no doubt about that, but does that mean states are the only viable actors when it comes to protecting civilians from mass atrocities? In this essay, Corrie Hulse argues that when states fail to act on R2P, it is the responsibility of civilians and N.G.O.s to step up and push governments into action.

Shaun Randol

"The United States pledged an additional $110 million in aid to Pakistan on Tuesday, reflecting both the deepening humanitarian crisis in the Swat Valley and what the administration says is its growing confidence in Pakistan's efforts to combat the Taliban."