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Welcome to our freshly redesigned website! We're happy to have you here, and excited for you to read through our pages. For those of you new to The Mantle, you will find essays ranging in topics from xenofeminism to colonialism, from hyper-realistic art to the newest music out of Trinidad and Tobago. It is our hope that you will explore the writing on these pages and find critiques that challenge you, interviews that intrigue you, and essays that keep you coming back for more.


While our look is new, our core is the same. You will still find all our great content in the areas of philosophy, literature, arts & culture, and international affairs. So take a look around. 


From the Archives:

Our editors have offered some of their favorites from our archive to help our new readers get a bit more acquainted with our site. It was a difficult task to narrow it down, but here is what each editor thinks you should check out:



Shaun - Editor in Chief / Publisher: 

The Cultural Assassinations of Baghdad by Qasim Sabti (Arts & Culture)


Peter - Philosophy Editor:

Living in a Society of Control by Cæmeron Crain (Philosophy)


Annie - Copy Editor:

Why We Need Disney's Dirty Princesses by Laura Schierau (Arts & Culture)


Morgan - Deputy Managing Editor:

Prosecuting the Women of ISIS by Rutvi Ajmera (International Affairs)


Aria - Arts & Culture Editor:

'The Neverending Story' and the Art of Good Translation by Giulia Pines (Literature)


Corrie - Managing Editor:

Choosing Between Shadows (Part 1 and Part 2) by Richard Potter (International Affairs)


Montana - Associate Publisher:

Escaping Inner Turmoil: Notes on Mattisse's Cut-Outs by Marti Trgovich



Hope you enjoy the new site! Please feel free to hit us up with any questions or comments. You can send them along to corrie [at] themantle.net.



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