A Parting Letter From the Editors






Dear Readers,


Present operations at The Mantle Magazine  are coming to an end as we the editors are resigning effective immediately. We are so grateful for all of our talented and insightful contributors and readers whose passion has made this publication what it is today. 


As we are an all-volunteer organization, we have relied on the additional support of our Patreon patrons and those who have stocked and purchased books from our catalogue in order to maintain our operations. However, we simply do not have the resources to enable the magazine to grow and ultimately afford to pay our contributors for their hard work, which has been a longstanding goal of ours — one that we strove to support by not taking any payment from The Mantle  ourselves.


Due to these circumstances, those of you who are Patreon supporters should feel free to cancel any recurring donations you may have. This website will remain active for the foreseeable future so our readers and contributors can continue to revisit previously published articles going forward. 


To The Mantle’s book authors and publishing partners, while our work as the magazine editors was kept separate from your work with our founder Shaun Randol, we have not heard from Shaun and have been unable to contact him. We have heard from some of you that you have also been unable to contact him, have not received up to date sales information, or received royalty statements. We are profoundly dismayed to hear this and offer a full apology for the way you have been treated. While we have made the decision to publicly resign and close submissions to the magazine, Shaun has made no announcements about the future of The Mantle’s publishing side and unfortunately we have no access to any contracts, financial statements, or catalogue information that would allow us to offer any resolution here.


In closing, thank you for your hard work, support, and readership over the years. The Mantle  has meant a lot to us and while we are deeply disappointed that our time at the magazine is at an end, we look forward to supporting our community members and each other in our various corners of the internet. 


If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to our outgoing Managing Editor, morgan [at] themantle.com (Morgan Forde).




Morgan Forde, outgoing Managing Editor

Shirin Bismillah, outgoing Literature Editor

Aria Chiodo, outgoing Arts & Culture Editor

Peter Heft, outgoing Philosophy Editor

Marie Lamensch, outgoing International Affairs Editor


Mantle Editors