Writer's Notes Series



Writer's Notes is a series that invites writers to detail their projects at any stage in their process. The Mantle and its readers are curious to know more about the process of organizing a particular project for any author whether they be a fiction or non-fiction writer, poet, essayist, or anything in between or beyond.


The process is defined as whatever the author sees fit. A few examples of this are research, organization, and trips taken that better inform the project. The premise of the Writer’s Notes series is to allow writers to better explore their process at any point (beginning, middle, end). 


There is no set rubric for a Writer’s Notes article, but we do ask authors to focus on a particular project and less on their general writer’s process (although, how you apply your general process to your distinct project is obviously of interest). Writers are also encouraged to incorporate images with their articles. This could be photos of their research trips or snapshots of their work space. Images are not required, of course, but can enhance the text of an article.


A Writer’s Notes article runs around 1000-1200 words, but this number can be flexible. Some authors are asked to do a series of articles concentrating on various moments in their particular project (usually one that is ongoing and the author takes the readers through various steps of their process). 


To get a better idea of how to proceed with your Writer’s Notes article, it’s best to read a few of the previous articles published on The Mantle or contact Corrie Hulse (corrie [at] themantle.net) to bounce off ideas.


We’re looking forward to your addition to the Writer’s Notes series. Happy writing!



Writers Notes