An Evening With Julian Assange

Science and Tech


Having successfully maneuvered past the enormous security guard and through the RSVP check point, I made my way up the stairs to the Babycastles gallery. I’d never been to the space before, so I took the opportunity to wander around. This was of course easier said than done. Packed into four rooms throughout the building - each set up with projectors - nearly 300 people awaited the live chat with Julian Assange. The diverse crowd spanned multiple generations, with teenagers and grandparents alike eagerly awaiting the start of the event.


After introductions by representatives from Babycastles and host OR books, Assange brought out M.I.A. whose song The Message is quoted in the preface of his new book


Headbone connected to the headphones

Headphones connected to the iPhone

iPhone connected to the Internet

Connected to the Google

Connected to the Government.


This became the theme of the night as Assange talked about the intricate ways the national security state is intertwined with Google and similar technology corporations. When it came time for audience questions, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Below is what transpired.





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