Shirley Zhao (趙曉瑩)

Shirley Zhao (趙曉瑩)

Shirley Zhao (趙曉瑩) is a journalism student at Hong Kong Baptist University focusing on international news reporting. She interned at Nanfang News Corporation, one of the biggest media groups in China and has also reported on international issues like the segregation of Roma children in Czech Republic. Currently, Shirley covers a wide range of aspects of greater China. Learn more here:


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February 15, 2011

As the organ burst into a solemn anthem, and the choirmaster accompanied it with her crystal voice, all the chandeliers and candelabra sconces suddenly lit up simultaneously, like torches of golden fire – the mass began. In a second, the Catholic cathedral in Guangzhou, the largest city in southern China, was flooded with streams of flaming light and dancing gem-like colors projected on the walls from the stained glass windows.