Carol-Ann Gleason

When one thinks of Cameroon, the country's vibrant music scene and consistently good national soccer team come to mind. Corruption and the curtailment of democratic freedoms aren't usually associated with this central Africa state. Perhaps that's because a paltry number of citizens can engage with the world via digital media. Carol-Ann Gleason discusses Cameroon's technological obstacles, and promises.

Max Currier

On October 30, political satirist Jon Stewart co-hosted a massive rally in Washington, D.C. The "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear," which attracted 215,000 Americans to the National Mall, was a call to bring greater civility to political discourse. In this essay, Max Currier, who attended the event, finds that Stewart's rallying cry and the philosophy on which it is based have serious implications for a politically charged, American democracy.

Minal Bopaiah

The United Nations Digital Media Lounge recently held in New York City welcomed bloggers and other new media journalists. The outreach signifies that the UN recognizes the impact grassroots media can have in social and political arenas. Minal Bopaiah files this report from the conference.