German Artist Izzy on Dragon Ball Z, Manga, and other Inspirations



In this installment of Ex Arte, Laura Scheriau talks about inspiration in generation Dragon Ball Z with German artist, and soon-to-be tattooist, Christina Becher, aka Izzy.


Prior to discussing the four pictures, Christina explains her passion, and where the urge and inspiration for her art comes from.



I basically owe the development of my talent to the endless hours I spent in front of the TV and playing (drawing) video games. I started drawing when I was about 5 years old. Key moment was when my mum painted a massive Disney picture on my wall. I was so impressed, I had to try and copy her. So most of the time when I would watch cartoons, I would stop the TV (it had a fancy freeze function) and then copy Son Goku out of Dragon Ball Z down on my piece of paper. I also copied Link from our Zelda quest book for Super Nintendo. And then of course, my brother's Manga books also left a great impression, and I like taking themes and figures out of the Anime and Manga genre and playing around. 



"People, crown yourselves", Black outline pens, 0.05, 0.2, 0.35



This first picture, I have to thank Facebook for it. I found it on my newsfeed, coincidentally, and I had to draw it. It was actually the profile picture of a Cosplay artist on Facebook, her name is Eisbaerfussel Cosplay.



"Forrest Nymph with cane", Black Outline pens, 0.05, 0.2, 0.35 and Copic Pens


Yes, these are two different drawings of the same image. I am a big fan of Lineart and like both versions. This was one of those images that basically drew itself. Weeks before actually working on this drawing, I did some doodling, movement drawings, and at some point I sat down and something mythical appeared on the paper. The hair, I would have liked to have all in Bordeaux colors, but I ran out of pens and unfortunately I really can't do all.



"The Selkie" - Black Outline pens, 0.05, 0.2, 0.35 and Copic Pens



I remembered this Irish folk tale that tells the story of the headless knight that rides through Ireland, and so I started a Google session to research Dullahan. And somehow on a side note, I got distracted by this story about selkies, mermaid-like creatures, but instead of fish-bodies selkies have seal skin that they can take off to walk on land with the humans. It said that selkie men were very charismatic and good looking, and that selkie ladies were terrific wives that served the man well; that safeguarded her seal-skin until the day they find their seal skin, then they are lost in the far ocean forever. 


Thinking about it, this is not actually such a nice story, especially not in feminist hindsight, but it was the inspiration for this drawing.


"Yellyfish-Lady", Black Outline pens, 0.05, 0.2, 0.35 and Copic Pens



Tentacles are fun to draw, and jellyfish are fun to watch, so why not mix them together?! I somehow fancied to draw some tentacles - don't ask me why - and the background of my mobile was this orangey-red jellyfish, so there you go, inspiration hit me!


Most of the time it doesn't take much to inspire me. A photo here, a flash behind my eyes there. And sometimes just working with my doodles from weeks ago. I often read up on things that I hear or read, and sometimes get side-tracked, which then leads to an inspirational moment, like the Selkie drawing.



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