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Meet Cameron Bury, Nick Palmer, Brendan Sheargold, Mitch Grace, and Tim Byles. Together, they are Far Away Stables, an Australian band with a smooth blend of modern rock styles with a few jagged edges. During their North America tour, singer Brendan took some minutes out of their busy schedule to chat with The Mantle’s Arts & Culture editor Laura Scheriau about music, life, and important philosophical questions ... like how it would feel to get lost in the desert during a peyote trip. 


For the interview, they were asked to put their music players on shuffle, and this is what they are listening to: 23-year-old Cameron’s third shuffle song is “Welcome to the family” by Avenged Sevenfold, Guitarist Mitch listens to “Hurts Like Heaven” by Coldplay, Nick, 25, shuffles to “Let's dance to joy division” by The Wombats, Singer Brendan’s random song is “Hot Water On Wool” by Dance Gavin Dance and 25-year-old Tim is listening to “I’ve Got Friends” by Manchester Orchester.


And on that note...






LAURA SCHERIAU: You are all working next to being in a band. Where, when, and how often do you practice?


FAR AWAY STABLES: We have known each other for a long time and have always found time and space to practice in and around our private lives. It’s also helpful that we all live relatively close together, so we don’t have to drive hours to get together to practice. Now, we even have our own studio inside of a printing warehouse that we practice at, generally from 8pm to as long as we can, at least three to four times a week.



Who came up with the name of the band?


We were out drinking one night and, in between many names and laughter, Mitch’s suggestion of Far Away Stables stuck.



Where would you like to be in 10 years?


We would love to be playing sold-out stadiums across the world, but it’s not about the money or fame. If we can get to a point where we earn enough to be a band for a living and travel the world to share our music with fans, then we’d still be stoked to be doing that ten years from now.



What is the band’s dynamic, and what motivates you?


What motivates us most is the emotional connection we formed with music when we were growing up and obviously the desire to share that with others, on tours like the one we just went on, or through records. To feel the energy on stage is the best experience a musician can have. We are a bunch of “strange birds,” completely different – as you may notice when you compare which superheroes we like - but connected through our music:


Acting manager of the band is our bassist Tim. When he´s not organizing gigs, he dreams of rocking with Wolverine to Fall Out Boy´s “Sugar We’re Going Down.” Our 24-year-old lead guitarist and songwriter Mitch basically breathes music. He would be listening with Batman to “The Greatest View” by his favorite band Silverchair. While Cam and his energy gives all of us the push we need to keep going, he secretly would like to be Hulk´s best friend. He also adores the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Brendan is the voice of the band and he wants to be best friends with Spider Man. Together they would listen to “Luca” by their favorite band Brand New. Nick is such a lovely and kind person who would love to be able to fly to Asgard with his best buddy Thor, who obviously loves the Arctic Monkeys just as much as Nick – you see the whole band is forming an equilibrium of opposite forces. And as such we do have a very good dynamic and are very dedicated to our music.



Who do you think influences your style most?


Our style is influenced by Circa Survive, Saosin, and Paramore, and definitely Thirty Seconds To Mars, which would be the ultimate band for us to perform with. We would also love to perform with Muse on the big stage.



You have just been on a long tour through North America. Tell me about your experience.


The tour was a crazy experience, very good for us as a band and also individually. The hardest thing for us was definitely eating healthy. So many new fast foods! As to performing, our favorite stage would have been the performance stage at Diego Rivera Performing Arts in Los Angeles. The kids there really brought a whole other level of energy to that made playing there amazing. We got to know so many awesome people throughout the tour, and the funniest thing on tour had to have been spending time with our new friend Danny Torgersen. He’s definitely a character. Obviously some of us went through phases on the trip where we weren’t happy and may have questioned our position, but we all as individuals and a group want to succeed more then anything and we came out the other side of these “phases” even more reassured of that then ever.



And what are your plans for the next year?


We are looking forward to having a big fanbase in England and perform next in a sold out Wembley Stadium, for sure!


We do have a tour of Australia coming up (our home), and we are also looking to return to the USA. Next on the list is also to tour Southeast Asia and to write a debut album. 





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