Atticus Ross Scores End Time



I’ll lay you even money that Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman are so bad they could survive the Apocalypse. If we’re both still around to settle the wager, it’s really win-win regardless. These two alpha dogs bark and bite over “Mankind’s Last Hope” in the Hughes brothers’ wasteland Western The Book of Eli. Heads will roll to the sound of Atticus Ross’s electronic/organic 80 piece big band. The future is Friday and here’s what it sounds like.


Atticus Ross - “Panoramic” (256 kbps via Megaupload)*


Atticus Ross - “Journey” (256 kbps via Megaupload)


Atticus Ross creates an exceptional score for Albert and Allen Hughes’s first film since 2001’s underrated From Hell. The storyline is nothing new: the Stranger, Mad Max, comes to Deadwood with the Grail. The Great Black Hope for filmgoers is there will be high production values and power performances from Washington and Oldman. Regarding the former, Mr. Ross’s soundtrack is a good omen.


He has produced four Nine Inch Nails albums, clearly all the training one needs to visualize civilization’s twisted wreckage from the precipice. Production credits of a Perry Ferrell track for Twilight hopefully spells f-a-t r-o-y-a-l-t-i-e-s. His soundtrack for The Book of Eli, atmospheric and brooding, builds tension with sophisticated chords and haunting reverb. The deluxe iTunes offering features a remix of “Panoramic” by Dave Sitak of TV on the Radio.


There’s seems to be no end in sight for the post-apocalypse/ vampire/ zombie craze. 2012, Legion, The Road, Daybreakers, Eli. Zeitgeist barometer? Maybe. Violins on the deck of the Titanic? Quite possibly. I wonder if we are called to fight for mankind’s last hope, will we go to the movies instead?


The Book of Eli opens in theaters January 15th.


Via Giant Step